About Us

My name is Paul Smith. I started this website.
I have been a private maths and physics tutor since 2003 and registered this website on December 4th 2007.
I have written complete course notes - about 4,000 pages -  for many maths and physics courses, from GCSE up to degree level, and online maths and physics tests. I have a BSc and an MSc and I registered my company A Star Maths and Physics in July 2012.
If this article seems as though it is all about me, that's because it is. I built this website, I wrote all the articles, I write all the blog posts, I promote the website, and I recover everything after every disaster.
I home host this website and only I have access to the server.
Our address is 42 Churchbury Road, Eltham, London, UK SE9 5HY